Peru – food


Peruvians pride themselves on their cuisine, which they say is the best in South America. Based on corn, potatoes, (white, red, purple, yellow, and pink), grains such as quinoa, and chicken, it also includes specialties such as lucuma fruit and guinea pig (cuy). Coca leaves are infused for a tea or chewed to aid digestion and help altitude sickness. They work.


Above is guinea pig. Alpaca steak is also popular, at least on tourist menus. The famous drink in Peru is pisco sour. Pisco is a liquor made from grapes and the sour has lime juice, egg white, which rises to the top when you shake it, topped off with bitters. There is also beer – chicha, made from fermented corn. Apparently it keeps on fermenting in your stomach. Finally, Inca Kola. Bright yellow soda with lemon grass, chamomile, and secret ingredient. Bottled by the Coca Cola Co. I hate it.


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