Welcome to the Stony Brook Buddhist Sangha,
a Long Island NY Sangha, inspired by the teachings of Zen Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

We meet to sit and share every Saturday 9:00 from 9am to 10:30 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 380 Nicolls Road, East Setauket, NY.

  • All are welcome to attend
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so that we can begin meditation peacefully on time.
  • Those who cannot attend in person are invited to join us via Zoom
  • For the Zoom link, or if you have any other questions, please contact Linda at 845-706-7944 or Revlin23@gmail.com

You can find also find us on Facebook: Stony Brook Buddhist Sangha

Linda (True Path of Peace) is an ordained Order of Interbeing member. She was ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh on August 15, 2005.

30 thoughts on “Home

  1. Xingxing YANG says:

    I am a graduate student in Stony brook university who live on campus, so could I ask if there is a ride from your place school to on Saturday morning ?

  2. Nick Stanley says:

    Hello does this center have a residential living? Or student, practice?

  3. Eric Hewitt says:

    Is this group still active?

  4. Susan Barbella says:


    Is the sangha meeting tomorrow morning in Stony Brook?


  5. Is that the main thing you do? I mean the mediation on Saturday?

  6. Jenny Mincin says:

    Is this group still active?

  7. Dani says:

    hello- is this still an active program?

  8. Mariann says:

    Hello, I’m interested. Does the classes start on sat morning sept 2019 .

    Yes , 9am every Saturday.

  9. Susan says:

    Do I need to register for Saturday?

  10. Bill says:

    Are children include in the Sat. morning meditation group?

    • revlin23 says:

      Hi Bill– Thanks for your question about our sangha. Unfortunately, we have no provisions for children at our Saturday sits, unless the child is old enough to participate in the silent 30 min meditation, walking and dharma sharing.

  11. Robert says:

    Thank you very much for this morning. It is always uncomfortable (at least for me) to walk into new setting when you don’t know anyone, but I felt welcome and at ease immediately. I look forward to coming back soon.

  12. Christie Matheson says:

    Hello. I would very much like to attend your sangha’s meditation, but unfortunately I must work every Saturday. Are there any other days that you meet or events I might attend?

  13. Denise Streeker says:

    Hello, I’m Denise. I would very much like to practice Budhism. I need to fiind serenity, balance,self love…in the program, that I was in, I realized that I have a lot of work to do to on myself,. Excited to learn.
    Thank you.
    Denise Streeker ☀️

  14. Catherine Asaro says:


    I would like to join the stonybrook sangha
    i live in riverhead.Are you doing class online.

  15. Emily Ferraro says:

    Is this Sangah still active with corona? If it’s virtual what is the information?

  16. Donald OKeefe says:

    is the sangha doing anything on line

  17. Dave says:

    Do you plan on in-person meetings anytime soon?

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