Our Practice


Our practice usually begins with sitting meditation, followed by walking meditation and dharma sharing, led by one of our members. All are welcome to practice with us, both beginners and experienced.
The rituals described below are intended to help orient visitors and practitioners.

Sitting Meditation
Sitting meditation is like returning home . . .. We sit upright with dignity and return to our breathing.

*begins with 3 sounds of the bell
*lasts usually for 30 minutes
*ends with 2 sounds of the bell, followed by
*2 small bells — to bow and stretch, to rise

Walking Meditation
Let us enjoy every step we make. Every step is nourishing and healing. As we walk, imprint our gratitude and our love on the earth.

*begin with left foot at the sound of the small bell
*one step on the in breath,
*one step on out breath
*after the sound of bell, stop when you reach your place
*1 small bell to bow and sit

Dharma Sharing
. . . an opportunity to benefit from each other’s insights and experience of the practice.

*begins with the leader for the day
*each person bows or places a hand on his/her heart to begin and end speaking
*speak from the heart of your personal experience and listen from the heart with no offers of advice or cross-talk
*when there are only 5 minutes left, 1 sound of the bell, with an invitation to those who have not shared
*ends with 3 sounds of the bell, followed by
*2 small bells — to bow and stretch, to rise, then
*1 small bell to bow to the sangha
*1 small bell to bow to the altar

Sharing the Merit
*”May the fruits of our practice benefit all beings and the earth.”


3 thoughts on “Our Practice

  1. Laura Cobb says:

    Hello! I don’t see any recent updates on your site and wonder if sangha continues to meet for practice?

  2. Joan Bram says:

    I have a question. It sounds like you sit on the floor. My body cannot tolerate that. Is it possible to be seated in a chair? If so, I cannot sit in a hard back chair.
    Can this be accommodated.

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